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August Epicness | w/ Full Service, Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads and The Expendables

The month of August so far has been one for the books: On August 14th Audic Empire got the oppurtunity to get back together with good friends Full Service to open for their bass player Sunny's final show in Austin at Stubb's indoor. They kicked off the night with a fantastic acoustic performance, as the night progressed a buddy of Audic Empire and Full Service Gary Dread (The Movement) hit the stage for a brilliant collaboration. The entire night was/is also available on Ustream and capped off with great vibes, great jams and awesome memories.

Hoag (Full Service), Gary (The Movement), James (Audic Empire), Bonesaw (Full Service), Ronnie (Audic Empire)

Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads and The Expendables After Party!

The following weekend Audic Empire was back on the road to Corpus Christi, TX to participate in The Official Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads and The Expendables After Party at House of Rock. The entire band was stoked to get to attend the show at Concrete Street and for what to was come after the #EverythingisAwesomeTour show wrapped up. With multiple fans waiting outside the The Venue at House of Rock, Audic Empire brought them the show they anticipated with their high energy, smooth tones and good vibes. The night was filled with nothing but smiles and great people including many of the crew and band members from the Everything Is Awesome Tour!

Setting up at House of Rock | Ronnie Bowen

Travis Brown

Travis Brown and Ronnie Bowen

James Tobais

"Our fans are our lifeline." - Ronnie Bowen

Collin Gee feeling the crowd

Shout Out to Amenda G. for the photo!

Sometimes you have to help a brother out! - Ronnie Bowen and Jess Leonard

Geoff (The Expendables) & Ronnie Bowen

Kyle (Slightly Stoopid) & Ronnie Bowen

Dustin (The Dirty Heads) & Ronnie Bowen

The band would like to thank everyone for coming out and send positive vibes!

Nothing but love for each and every one of you!

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