A five-piece band that features impeccable vocals, phenomenal lead guitar riffs, a rocking rhythm Section with a psychedelic new age twist. This band’s booming sound is laced with sharp lyrics thanks to song writers Ronnie Bowen and James Tobias. Their name is only getting bigger as they have collaborated with some of the largest names in the reggae-rock industry. With new music on the way, their catalog can be found on all major platforms. As proof of their reach, their music has been featured on regional radio stations, internet radio, magazines, music websites, newspapers, and podcasts. These boys have been nominated for album of the Year from Electric magazine, band of the year in Austin Texas, band of the year in Houston Texas. Available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.


*Rest In Peace to the greatest Sax Man to ever live David Mcknight 

† We Love You.*