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Audic Empire defines what it means to be a true powerhouse DIY grassroots band, brand and business, and they have maintained full control of their creative freedom and artistic vision since the inception of the band. They have the extraordinary ability to cultivate music that traverses over several genres while staying true to a distinct sound that is uniquely their own.


Audic Empire is steadily writing, recording and producing original new music in 4 Oaks Studio, their own home studio they solely funded, built and currently operate together as a band. Audic Empire has four original studio albums, and their October 2022 album "Start to the End" reached #1 on the iTunes charts on the first day of release and remained in the top 10 for twelve straight days.


Yes, Audic Empire does it all, and if their past successes are a sign of what’s to come next, be prepared to experience musical mayhem and mind-bending masterpieces like never seen or heard before. Audic Empire has an extensive catalog of songs that can be found on all streaming platforms, and their unique blend of rock, jam, blues, hip hop and alternative styles is guaranteed to vibe with fans of all genres.


Audic Empire Records

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